Our teachers are highly qualified and certified in methodology and proficiency level by university degrees. In most cases, the teacher possesses at least one educational visit to the target country for a seminar or language course within the last few years. During these visits, teachers can extend their vocabulary and understanding of the host culture, whilst also catching up with the latest trends in education and innovative work.

As well as this pool of excellent Indonesian teachers, we also have native instructors in the target countries who will support the local instructors, especially during online parts of our Blended Learning courses. All our instructors are familiar with standardised examination, e.g. ALTE certified exams (in particular those offered in German and English by telc GmbH or in German by Goethe-Institut e.V.). We also provide a mentor program for our Blended Learning course participants. An online teaching coach works with a small group of learners which permits the course material understanding in an appropriate manner. The course material is available online in our own Learning Management System and offline, and can be accessed by the learner at the most convenient time. In our faced-to-face classes the online learning assignments are subsequently discussed in an open forum and the progress evaluated by intermediate tests. We also produce our own multi media content in Bahasa Indonesia, particularly for beginner levels, which permits us to follow the latest trends in language education, that suggests that the use of a degree of the mother tongue (i.e. Bahasa Indonesia) during the early stages in the learning path is a powerful tool to explain both structure and difficulties (Gemeinsamer europäischer Referenzrahmen für Sprachen: lernen, lehren, beurteilen. Begleitband mit neuen Deskriptoren, Klett Sprachen 2020; in English 2018).

With our quality management check list and regular supervision, we have constructed our programs to support a smooth teaching and learning progress with the ultimate goal of succeeding in the certified exam.

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